Green Building Design

Edgemere Development is dedicated to providing the best in "green" design and energy-efficiency for its affordable housing projects. Edgemere and its partner's work diligently to find the best ways to incorporate different aspects of green design to encourage the protection of our environment and promote responsible energy use. 

Examples of these green design and energy-efficient techniques that we have been implemented in several past projects include:
  • Participation with the New York Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)
  • Provide ENERGY STAR or equivalent heating systems 
  • Provide ENERGY STAR or equivalent appliances and light fixtures 
  • Installation of water conserving fixtures
  • Sensors and timers to ensure limited wasted energy for outdoor lighting
  • Passive or active radon systems to eliminate any presence of radon gas in a rehabilitated projects
  • The creation or preservation of green space including new, non-invasive trees and plants 
  • Low/No VOC paints, primers, adhesives, and sealants
  • Use of Green Label Certified Floor Coverings
  • Ventilation, Exhaust fans, insulation to reduce energy loss and provide cleaner air in living spaces
Edgemere Development is consistently working to promote the use high performing, energy-efficient materials and techniques into its building designs. We understand the importance of such elements and continue to focus on the production of housing that will help to sustain our environment.