Meet Our Team

John Oster
Edgemere Founder

Stephanie Fowler Benson
Partner and Chief Operating Officer

Brenda Kingsley
Director of Research and Information Services

Charlie Oster
Director of Development 

Chris Roland
Director of Finance

Tessa Remmel
Development Coordinator

Collin Byrne
Construction Expediter


John Oster

Edgemere founder John Oster is a graduate of Hamilton College. In the 1970's he directed various local government and non-profit agencies in Albany. Prior to joining Conifer Development in 1988 he spent five years as Assistant Commissioner and Director of Operations for the New York State Division of Housing. He was the state's principal on numerous publicly-assisted housing projects. 

Between 1988 and 2000 John was the instrumental developer of 1,627 housing units for Conifer and for Home Properties, the real estate investment trust that acquired Conifer in 1996. As Vice President of Development, he played pivotal supporting roles in another 1,134 units. His areas of specialization included both historic conversions and new multifamily, senior developments, and mixed use projects. In 1997 he began working in Pennsylvania, and in 1998, in Maryland.

Beginning in January 2001, John became President of Edgemere Development. He works directly with clients, lenders, agency funders, and associates in New York, Pennsylvania, and other areas.